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June 9, 2021

Friday and Sunday Weddings: Pros and Cons

Being flexible about your wedding date has some major advantages. Especially with all the shifts in the wedding industry, choosing a Friday or Sunday for your wedding may be necessary. There are some perks to choosing one of these less traditional weekend dates.


Make your wedding into a weekend getaway.

Planning a Friday or Sunday wedding opens up the possibility to adventure and travel. Choose a destination with seasonal local attractions to take advantage of the Saturday (before or after).

Take in the local scenery.

Utilize the weekend time to enjoy sight-seeing and local dining to unwind.

an event lady production wedding
Photography: @SouthernBellePix Planning: @aneventladyproduction


Restricted dates.

As couples reschedule their wedding and clash with the newly engaged, dates are becoming limited at popular wedding venues. You may HAVE to go with a Friday or Saturday if you want to keep the wedding month you originally planned for.

Less accommodating to guests.

Fridays and Sundays can be difficult dates for guests depending on their work and family schedule. Provide ample notice for your date to ensure they can plan their accommodations.

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