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August 18, 2021

Is Pinterest the Enemy of Good Wedding Planning?

We all can relate to times of feeling uninspired and less-than-creative. That’s what Pinterest is for! Need outfit inspo? Pin it! Looking for DIY gift ideas? Pin it! Wedding inspiration? Pin i—

Wait a minute. Don’t pin that!

Believe it or not, Pinterest can be the enemy of good wedding planning!  

Is Pinterest the Enemy of Good Wedding Planning?
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While the popular social media platform is highly praised for providing its users an outlet to discover new ideas, Pinterest also comes with some downfalls, mainly when used for something as noteworthy as planning your dream wedding.

Did you know that one of the leading causes of stress is having too many options to choose from? Pinterest instigates this notion, showcasing an endless board of ideas that can further add to your confusion and frustration when trying to manage the details of your big day. 

Try searching “rustic barnyard wedding” in the search engine of Pinterest, and a lengthy, never-ending page of pictures and ideas pop up.  

Another poplar search Boho Wedding, in the last few years Boho is the new wedding theme.

Don’t get me wrong, having options is important; it puts us in the driver’s seat and allows us to maintain control. But too many options can be daunting, and Pinterest perpetuates just that.

Don’t add to your already festering stress by using Pinterest as your sole source of wedding inspiration. You’ll likely find that you will get sidetracked and, therefore, be less productive overall and in the long run.  Not to mention, by using Pinterest to plan your wedding, you can fall ill to some of these wedding planning “no-no’s.”

Is Pinterest the Enemy of Good Wedding Planning?

No-No #1

Wedding envy is alive and well and serves no one! Comparison is the thief of joy, and if you’re constantly comparing your wedding to that of posts on Pinterest, you’ll deprive yourself of the happiness of your special day.

No-No #2

Pinterest can foster unrealistic expectations.  It is a social media platform, after all! I am sure it is not lost upon any of us that social media is a prime example of bolstering unrealistic expectations, especially in our digital age. Don’t let Pinterest trap you into having your heart set on an idea that may not be realistic for you and your wedding circumstances and budget. 

No-No #3

Pinterest allows us to post and share perfectly curated photos that are so aesthetically pleasing and enticing that we cannot help ourselves but want to emulate them on our own. However, replicating ideas precisely as they appear on Pinterest can make your wedding less unique.  Don’t be a copycat. You want your wedding to be as unique as your love story and tailored just toward you. Pinterest can lead to a “cookie-cutter” wedding, but you can make it original!

Is Pinterest the Enemy of Good Wedding Planning?
© 2019 Nicee Martin Photo & Design |

Certainly, Pinterest is an excellent first stop when it comes to brainstorming ideas for your wedding day but be sure to put the phone down and disconnect for a more memorable and pleasurable planning experience! Once you’ve obtained some insight from Pinterest, try consulting with a wedding designer or another wedding professional.  Their expertise will help bring your desired aesthetic to life without overwhelming your vision! 

Are you ready to curate a wedding that’s as unique as your love story?

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