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January 27, 2022

Common Mistakes When Hiring a Wedding DJ

Are you and your soon-to-be spouse ready to get down on the dance floor with your friends and family but don’t know how to find the best DJ? Many soonlywed couples have asked this same question. So, you’re not alone in wondering how to make your wedding reception as exceptional as your wedding day.

You have spent a lot of time, money, and patience into making your wedding ceremony as special as possible, so it’s only fitting you put the same amount of effort into hiring the right DJ. If you want to avoid a catastrophic reception, here are three common mistakes to know when hiring a wedding DJ.

Common Mistakes When Hiring a Wedding DJ

Hiring an Inexperienced DJ

A DJ’s job is to play recorded music, but there is more to a wedding reception than hitting “play.” If you’re hiring a DJ, they should have wedding experience and know how to flow with the wedding events.

 The wrong DJ can miss the cue’s from entering the bridal party, not reading the room and keep the party going.

Here are few questions to keep in mind:

  • Can the DJ introduce the wedding couple appropriately?
  • Can the DJ read the crowd and choose the right song accordingly?
  • Can the DJ transition into the first dance smoothly?

Failing to Share Your Expectations

If you want a wedding reception that matches your wedding theme, then it’s best if you share any expectations with your DJ.

Do you have specific songs or a particular style of music you want to hear on your big day? Share those details with your DJ to ensure you’ll have the reception you want.

Being clear about your expectations isn’t nitpicking. Rather, it helps the DJ provide you with the wedding you envisioned and gives them a direction to follow at the reception!

Common Mistakes When Hiring a Wedding DJ

Not Asking About a DJ’s Equipment

Many DJs will bring the necessary equipment with them, but you don’t want a miscommunication to be the reason you’re scrambling to find DJ equipment. 

For a stress-free wedding reception, ask your DJ what they’ll bring. Also, providing them with where they’ll play, how long they’ll play, and whether there will be live music will help them know what they need to bring.

Choosing the wrong DJ is just as costly as not having someone officiate the wedding. After all the planning you’ve done with picking the right flowers, colors, and cake, it would be a shame if you can’t look back on your wedding reception with the same satisfaction as the wedding ceremony. If you want to have a phenomenal wedding reception, these are the mistakes to avoid when hiring a DJ! To make sure your hire the right DJ for your wedding celebration hire the right planner. We here at AN Event Lady only works with professional DJ’s that understand the industry and understand their assignment. Book a consultation with us as your planner all your vendors will be professional that match your wedding style.

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