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January 20, 2022

Dream Wedding versus Reality Wedding

The classic expectations vs. reality. With so many outlets such as Pinterest and social media to peak our inspiration, determining what is reasonable within your budget and what needs some DIY is a fine line.

We love the picture-perfect wedding design, but budgets mean compromise. Every Pinterest version of your perfect reception guest table could cost thousands – now multiply that by the number of tables you need to accommodate your guest list. Knowing how to recreate the look in your price range means getting savvy with your choices.

Dream Wedding versus Reality Weddings

Having a wedding planner is a huge perk when itemizing your wedding expenses. We have created many more weddings than the average person. We know who to contact to achieve certain customizations and design pieces. We also know what to avoid that will simply get overlooked by guests and cost you more money.

Your dream wedding should always come down to celebrating your love versus an abundance of décor. Our goal is to choose a venue that suits your aesthetic and then allow the design to flow with the space. Always ask the venue coordinator what is included such as tables, chairs, linens, and dishes. Then, customize based on those pieces. Adding a few special touches will reflect your attention to detail much more than cluttering the space.

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