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December 23, 2020

Gift Ideas for Bride and Groom to Exchange and Gifts for Future In-Laws

Sharing a gift with your spouse on your wedding day is a sentimental start to your journey through life together. It’s also a kind gesture to gift your new In-Laws with a thank you for their time and commitment to your relationship and new family together.

Something Borrowed

A truly sentimental wedding morning gift to give your new spouse could be a family heirloom such as jewelry, cufflinks, or keepsake. Sharing something that has been passed down for generations in your family will truly welcome them in an intimate way.

Personalized Presents

Planning ahead and ordering a custom-made item will show thought and consideration. Shop local or look on websites such as Etsy where you can order personalized whiskey glasses or shaving kit for your groom and a handkerchief or ring holder for your bride. Include the date, your new last name, or a short message for an extra touch.

The Perfect In-Law Gift

Sharing a special moment with your new in-laws on your wedding morning will create a memory that will last forever. Show you have taken the time to get to know them by putting together a gift basket with some of their favorite items such as wines and charcuterie, jams and breads, or other collections of items that suit their hobbies.

Any gift you give on your wedding, choose from the heart! A hand-written card is the best touch to include with any gift.

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