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Wedding Vendors

December 16, 2020

Featured Vendor: Artistry by Angela

This week we are featuring another amazing wedding vendor! Your dream wedding day all starts when you wake up, put on your robe, and get glammed up by your hair and makeup team. We love working with Angela of Artistry by Angela because she is on time, professional, and can take care of the entire wedding party! Learn more about her business!

Business name: Artistry By Angela
Owner: Angela Cheryl Sladeczek
Google: artistrybyangelanc

featured vendor: artistry by angela

How long have you been in Makeup business? How long in the wedding industry? 

I have been in the world of cosmetics since 1994 when I was working at the Clinique counter at Dillard’s in Chapel Hill. While I was working at Clinique, I quickly became fascinated with the French elegance of Lancome. I became a part of the Lancome team in 1995 and worked for them for 12 years. I think of my start with Lancome as the beginning of my love of the world of cosmetics and skincare. My time with Lancome was formative in my development as an artist, a business manager and as a person. I learned the importance of the marriage of the correct skincare and makeup artistry. Beautiful makeup starts with skin treated with the appropriate skincare. Even now in the wedding industry, I always treat a client’s skin with skin care tailored to a person’s skin type and condition. Often now, when I am now doing skincare on a client, I will get asked about what I am using because the client likes the way a product makes her skin feel. This is my way of pampering my clients. 

After my time with Lancome, I continued my growth as an artist and manager with MAC  for 3 years, Bobbi Brown for 6 years and Trish McEvoy for 2 years. 

In 2018 I started to feel confined in a department store and wanted more freedom with my artistry, so I started to dabble in the wedding industry world. In 2019, I made the jump to solely working as a freelance artist and I don’t regret it at all.

featured vendor: artistry by angela

What inspired you to become interested in Wedding makeup and hair?

What inspired me to enter into wedding makeup was the desire to be my own boss and to be able to create freely, use whatever products I wanted to introduce a client to, to share what I have learned with others and to spend as much time as I want getting to know my clients and develop relationships. In the retail world, it is all about the sale while you are cultivating a relationship with a client. Driving your IPT, AUS, pushing key items, growing volume. Yes in the wedding industry you want sales too but for me it is also about making a connection with a person.

featured vendor: artistry by angela

How do you stay in tune with makeup for your clients?

I stay in tune with the world of makeup by following launches for key brands, following makeup trends for fashion week that can be adapted for the real world, magazines, following beauty influencers like Delina Medhin, watching tutorials from Danessa Myrick, YouTube videos. Because of COVID, beauty brands can’t do events in stores or touch people, so they have turned to Live sessions on IG and Facebook. I love these to learn about new products, techniques for the brands. Video is now the way to get your business seen!

Explain your process for meeting with clients? Is there a pre appointment to test things out? 

When a client inquires about services from Artistry by Angela, I always reply with a personalized response. No form letters for me. In my response, I want the client to begin to get a feel for who I am as a person and artist. I always ask the potential client if we can have a short phone chat so we can get to know each other and she can ask any questions she may have about my services. The phone conversation helps me to get a feel for the person’s personality and see if our personalities work together during a phone conversation. To me, connection is important in order to create a look for someone. I always let a client know the makeup session is about her, how she wants to look. She has to communicate with me because the goal is for her to be happy with the look I have created for her. After all of the years I have spent in retail cosmetics, it is astonishing how women are hesitant to communicate if they like or dislike what an artist has done. As an artist it is important to develop a rapport with your client so she will openly and honestly communicate with you. My goal is to enhance a person’s natural features so that she looks like her most glamorous self.   For bridal clients, I always offer a makeup trial before the bridal portrait and wedding day so that we can work together with her vision and my expertise to bring to life her perfect bridal look. 

Which person do your clients want to look like most? 

For bridal clients, the request that I will get is not for the client to look like someone but for the client to look elegant, romantic and like herself. 

Do you do the whole bridal party’s beauty services? 


What’s in the future for 2021?

This year has taught me the power of the internet, social media and the need to be able to pivot and do business in a different way. I feel optimistic about the growth of my business for 2021 as I take what I have learned in 2020 to continue to grow my business while I offer excellent personalized services.

featured vendor: artistry by angela

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