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March 11, 2020

Stationary vs. The E-vite

There is something about a traditional event invitation on a crisp piece of cardstock that we just love. Stationary has long been a classic medium for wedding and formal event invitations. As we transition into an age of emails, ecards, and the electronic invitation, we have to wonder what value stationary has versus technology.

Feeling the crisp edges of paper and admiring the intricate designs and embossments is nostalgic. Craftsmanship and artistry go into genuine stationary that can never be replicated by an invitation on a screen. Consider a paper save the date/invite combo as a memento for your wedding. This custom product will be a keepsake you and your guests will treasure. The cons are it can be pricey and take time. You want to try to stick with the same designer for your escort cards, programs, and menus for consistency, so if you end up want a different design, you’ll have to start from scratch.

Electronic Invitation:

The first big pro to going electronic is the savings on cost. It can be also a lot more convenient to tally RSVPs, get quick responses, and streamline guests to your wedding website. You can also add effects and even video to an electronic invitation which can include a fun, personalized message. The cons for e-vites are the accessibility factor. Not everyone may be computer savvy and this could disrupt your RSVP process.

Which way are you opting for your wedding day invitation? Formal RSVP and then Electronic Invitation? All electronic? Custom stationary? DIY?