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March 4, 2020

The Art of the Guest List

After getting engaged, you have an idea of who you will want to invite to the wedding. In reality, you should have your guest list established before you even start planning. The reason here is to know exactly how many guests you plan on inviting versus who will actually attend. You are going to need to start providing an estimate of the guest count to the caterer, venue, hotel block, and any other accommodations you are making. Here comes in the art of the guest list.

The little-known trick here is to have an A list and a B list. We’re not trying to make it seem like high school sports teams here, but these lists rather separate who may not make it due to travel, children, work obligations, or any other factors that would make you suspect a “No” RSVP coming your way. That way, you’re extending the initiation with the understanding they may not add to the final tally. Similarly, your “A list” should consist of your closest family and friends you know will be there 100%… and this is how you establish the approximate guest list total! Don’t worry, venues and caterers don’t need a final headcount until a month or two prior to the wedding, but it’s good to know where you range is so you don’t lock into a 150-person minimum venue and have to pay for anyone who can’t make it.

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