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January 26, 2023

Tips For Planning a Multicultural Wedding 

Planning a wedding is always challenging, but planning a ceremony that represents the cultures of both you and your beloved can make things even more challenging. 

That said, when they’re done well, multicultural weddings are some of the most memorable and impactful events you’ll ever attend. 

If you’re ready to plan your own mixed-culture wedding, here are some pointers to keep in mind. 

Tips For Planning a Multicultural Wedding North Carolina Wedding Planner

Decide How Many Ceremonies You’ll Have

If the ceremony requirements from each of your cultures are too difficult to blend, it’s possible to have two ceremonies. 

You might have both ceremonies back to back or stagger them with a reception in between. Or you could have the ceremonies on different days with different receptions and two different sets of guests. 

Tips For Planning a Multicultural Wedding North Carolina Wedding Planner

Decide Which Language Your Ceremony Will Be Held In 

If your cultures require your ceremonies to be in different languages, you’ll want to plan how to navigate that. You may have two officiants present who alternate languages as you take your vows, or you may have different languages for different ceremonies. 

Be mindful that for a dual-language wedding, you may also need to send out invitations, save the dates, and post wedding signage in both languages. 

Let Your Vendors Know What Traditions You’d Like Upheld

Our biggest “hack” for planning a multicultural wedding? Communication! Make sure everyone is in the loop on your needs and expectations, including your vendors. 

If you’d like certain cultural customs reflected in the way your vendors provide their service, let them know and see if they’re open to adhering to them. 

Tips For Planning a Multicultural Wedding North Carolina Wedding Planner

Decide Which Traditions are “Musts” 

The reality of planning a wedding that celebrates two cultures is that it’s difficult to include every tradition from both. Even if you are able to, this may be a little overwhelming for your guests and stress-inducing for you and your partner. 

Instead, start by making a list of the traditions that must be included in your ceremony and reception, then plan accordingly. Let the most important customs to you take center stage and practice letting go of the rest. 

Tips For Planning a Multicultural Wedding North Carolina Wedding Planner

Remember That it’s Okay to Create New Traditions, Too 

Just like any other wedding, it’s easy to get so caught up in adhering to traditions and meeting the expectations of your friends and family that you forget that this is your special day. 

You and your partner have a host of things that are important to you outside of your cultural traditions, and those deserve to be included. So as long as you’re blending the cultures you came from, don’t forget to represent the culture you’ve cultivated together, too. 

This might look like adding the songs you love to your reception playlist, your favorite snacks to the menu, or making your beloved pet a part of your ceremony—even if neither of your cultures dictates that you do these things. 

Tips For Planning a Multicultural Wedding North Carolina Wedding Planner

Above all, your multicultural wedding is about the love you two have found, and we can’t wait to see you celebrate it accordingly! 

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