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August 17, 2022

How to Write the Perfect Wedding Vows

Writing your own wedding vows is not only an incredibly romantic gesture but a great way to keep your friends and family engaged during your ceremony. So forget the same old, same old here – you’re doing something that’s unique and special to who you are as a couple!

If you’ve decided to write your vows, chances are that you’ve felt a little (or a lot!) nervous at the thought of doing so. Luckily, we’ve got a handful of tips that will help you write vows that you’ll cherish for years to come.

How to Write the Perfect Wedding Vows

Start Early                                                      

First tip: Start early! Waiting until the last second to write your vows will leave your thoughts scrambled and your nerves on edge. Instead, put a time on your calendar months in advance to check this one off of your planning to-do list.                                                           

One of our clients tried to wing it, but it came off kind of awkward they were rambling all over the place. They lost a lot of people and failed.                                                            

Sit down with your partner and write them simultaneously – even if you don’t want the other to read them before the big day. Simply being in one another’s presence will put you at ease and remember just how special this moment will be on your big day.       


Take a Break                                                  

Don’t feel as if you have to write your vows in one sitting. That’s a lot of pressure!                        

Instead, start with a first draft, then come back to it a few days (or weeks!) later. Looking at things with a fresh set of eyes will give you the confidence you need to write something from your heart. In addition, taking breaks helps minimize your stress and avoid feeling rushed while completing such an important task.                                                      

Use a Template                                                          

If you worry that you and your partner will have different writing styles, try using the same template. A quick Google search will allow you to find a template you love, guaranteeing that you and your partner follow the same cadence and don’t get any funny looks from your audience!                                                           

Whether you’ll be hosting a religious ceremony or not, there are plenty of templates online that will cater to your beliefs and ceremony style.

Include Personal Anecdotes                                      

No, you don’t want your vows to be one complete inside joke, but you do want them to be unique. Generic vows aren’t as moving, so getting personal is a great way to pull at those heartstrings.                                                   

Think about the specific things your partner does daily that you love. Why do you appreciate them so much? What’s most important for you to share with your family and friends? Share that cute moment you knew; you were head over heels in love with them.                           

It’s easy to keep things surface-level but digging deep will make your vows even more special.


How to Write the Perfect Wedding Vows

Write Them Together                                                            

Though this idea might not be traditional, it’s perfect for couples who never fail to communicate with one another! So, if you’re worried about writing your vows, try tackling them with your partner instead of separately.                                                                                                          

Doing this will allow you both to honestly think about the promises you’re making and what values you want to prioritize in your marriage. This kind of collaboration will only serve you well as the years go on!                                                

Handwritten vows can be heartfelt, fun, and one of the best ways to make your ceremony even more memorable.                                                         

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