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August 10, 2022

8 Steps to Choosing Your Wedding Colors                                                                                                        

When it comes to your wedding colors, the thought of narrowing down the endless options might be overwhelming. But, from classic whites to moody greens and eye-catching purples, there’s no shortage of choices that will allow your special day to stand out.                                                      

Here are eight things you can do to choose your wedding colors.                                                    

8 Steps to Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Think About Your Venue                                                       

Whether it’s the view, the lighting, or the color of the walls, keep your venue in mind when deciding which colors you want to focus on. Think about what colors will feature what you love most about your space.                                                       

Showcase the Season                                                

Allow the time of year to inspire the color palette you choose. For example, pastels pair perfectly with spring, while maroons and oranges are great for fall. If you’re getting married during your favorite time of year, take a look at which colors best represent your chosen season.                                                        

Stay True to You                                

Despite what might be trendy at the time, don’t let the noise impact your color choices. Instead, think about the colors you and your partner gravitate towards, rather than what others encourage you to pick.                                                     

Taking a look at the colors you tend to dress and decorate with is a great place to start! You want your colors to represent who you are as a couple.                                                            

Set the Mood                                                 

Different couples want different vibes for their big day. From dramatic to rustic to casual, choose colors that will contribute to the overall atmosphere of your event. Your colors should not only match your style but the way you want your guests to feel.                                                    

8 Steps to Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Be Practical                                                    

Deciding on a painfully specific shade can make it challenging in terms of finding the right materials. So, instead of “cornflower blue,” opt for a range of light blues that will make it easier for you to find the proper attire, decor, and accessories.                                                       

Don’t Go Overboard                                                  

Choosing three to four colors will give your wedding a cohesive, complementary feel. Avoid choosing too many colors, as trying to mesh them all together might lead to a chaotic vibe. Instead, start with a long list and narrow your choices down based upon which colors pair well together.

Gather Inspiration                                                     

Which colors seem to influence your Pinterest board? First, look at any images you’ve saved over the years and what the color scheme appears to be. Then, think about which weddings have served as an inspiration to you and how you can use similar color choices.

Talk to a Professional                                                

Sometimes, an external opinion is precisely what you need to clarify these important wedding day decisions.                                                      

If you’re lost in a sea of colors, that’s what we’re here for. Schedule a consultation call to discuss your vision and which colors we recommend for you and your partner!

Let the Full Journey Begins with An Event Lady Production. Book a consultation today.                                                            

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