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July 8, 2020

Smaller Events in Lieu of a Big Wedding

Last week we talked about how intimate weddings are becoming a new wedding style tradition. Breaking even further away from our traditional wedding, couples are now replacing the large-scale event with smaller events that are catered to different groups of friends or family. Rather than banking on one perfect day with a big budget and stressing over a huge guest list, why not change it up? Many couples are now opting for an intimate elopement at their favorite location or a destination where they can get away. Then, planning a series of events that cater specifically to the tastes of various groups of people in our lives.

What are some of these events you can plan? As we mentioned, planning a date to elope gives you full freedom on each event to celebrate afterwards. It takes the pressure off having to perform a ceremony and exclude any one group of people. This first even only has to include one another and close family if you decide. Choose a location that is special to you and use this as an opportunity to get away for a little vacation!

Once you’re hitched, plan a return an intimate dinner party at a restaurant or at home to begin the newly married excitement. Next, organize an outdoor barbeque to invite friends that have kids to celebrate with you. With each event, create a consistent theme either with colors or a common interest that will connect each occasion. The best part of having a series of smaller events is you can reuse your décor! Any way you choose to celebrate will involve some planning, so make sure you have a checklist of your budget and anything you make need to purchase or book along the way!

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