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July 22, 2020

3 HUGE Wedding Day Tips to Stay Stress Free

With any great event comes a little… stress. There are so many details that go into an event and it becomes even more serious when that event happens to be your wedding day! With all our experience in weddings, what are our three top tips to staying stress free during your big day?

Have a Right Hand – Having someone close to you that knows your family and friends well and can be on call is crucial. We typically appoint the maid of honor or a close friend or family member to be the right hand on your big day. This person should have the phone numbers of the wedding party and be able to recognize and grab someone for photos or toasts if the DJ or planner has something else to take care of. This person can also act as a buffer for any family drama and step in to whisk you away if the situation arises.

Expect the Unexpected – You may hear this all the time but going into any event with this mindset will always set you up for success. Any event may have an unexpected wild guest or a vendor that shows up late. Understanding that things do happen and not sweating the small stuff will keep you focused on enjoying the day. Of course, hiring a wedding planner will alleviate any of these concerns, so give us a call!

Plan for Alone Time – This is so important! When we create a wedding timeline, we always factor in time that the couple will need to get from point A to point B. This allows us to make sure there is time before the reception to enjoy your newly married moments. We also are conscious of your time together throughout the evening to make sure you enjoy each milestone such as cake cutting, dancing, and spending time at your sweetheart table.

What other wedding day moments are you concerned about? What are you looking forward to most? Contact us at to learn more about how we can add value to your wedding.